REDX: Expireds Made Easy

REDX: Expireds Made Easy

REDX (Real Estate Data X-Change) is the real estate industry's leading provider
of research services for expired MLS listings.

Thousands of top producing agents use it daily to turn expired, withdrawn,
and cancelled MLS listings into new leads.

Expired Leads Service

Research shows that the first agent to contact the owner of an expired listing usually gets the new listing!

  • Only 28% will re-list with their current agent
  • 35% will leave their home off the market for a month or more
    (Statistics indicate that most of these will re-list with another agent within 90 days)
  • 37% will re-list with a new agent within 30 days
  • Over 70% chance YOU can get the listing
  • Most that re-list will do so with the 1st or 2nd agent that contacts them

Service Features:

  • Includes a FREE subscription to REDX's Lead Management Software - the REDX Lead Manager!
  • Searches multiple databases to obtain owner contact information.
  • Finds more owner names and phone numbers than agents can find on their own.
  • Finds absentee owners and many unlisted numbers.
  • Finds the owner's name and phone numbers in a matter of minutes.
  • Saves hours of expired listing research daily.
  • Flags properties on "Do Not Call" registry.
  • Eliminates risk of mistakenly calling "Do Not Call" numbers.
  • Saves on labor and data costs.
  • Lowest cost-per-lead of any expired listing service.
  • Automatically screens all expired MLS listings daily for re-listed and sold properties.
  • Expired MLS data is available in real time and is always current.
  • Enables research on old expired MLS listings at no additional cost.

Note: In order to subscribe to REDX's expired leads service you must be a real estate agent and a member of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

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Expired Research Service: Expired Research Delivers

  • “More than just an email”
  • Seller's name
  • Seller's phone number
  • All numbers screened against the DNC
  • Seller's Contact Address
  • Including mailing address (for absentee owners)
  • Cross checks for re-listed and sold properties
  • Research expired leads at any time in real time
  • Database Past Expireds
  • Leads populated into REDX Lead Manager


Expired Lead Overview

  • Displays MLS/FSBO Ad information
  • Sellers contact information
  • Search results from tax records/FSBO Ad
  • Indicates if phone number is placed on the DNC
  • Industry Call Scripts for FSBO and Expired Lead prospecting
  • Customize Fields




REDX Lead Manager

The REDX Lead Management Software enables agents to efficiently import, manage, and maximize owner and property leads from MLS expired listings, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) leads, foreclosures leads, Internet generated leads, sign call leads, and many other lead sources. The REDX Lead Manager also functions as a complete lead management tool with listing details, dynamic on-screen call scripts, one-touch mail merge, and many other productivity enhancing features.

Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc. ("REDX") provides the real estate industry with the most simple and easy to use real estate lead management software - REDX Lead Manager. The REDX Lead Manager provides a single place to manage and organize all your real estate leads! The REDX Lead Manager's data enhancement feature automatically searches several syndicated sources to improve and maintain leads with accurate up-to-date information.

REDX Lead Manager Features:

  • Performs expired lead research in real time
  • Import FSBO leads automatically
  • Import and manage other types of leads including
  • Foreclosure
  • 800 Call Capture Leads
  • Manage your leads
  • Create notes
  • Set tasks
  • Reminders
  • Add photos
  • Associate files
  • Flag Leads
  • Create mail-merge campaigns
  • Export converted leads to your Client Relations Manager (CRM)

Keeps all leads from all sources well organized.

  • Expired listings leads
  • "For-Sale-By-Owner" leads
  • 800 number call capture leads
  • Internet leads
  • Just Listed/Just Sold leads
  • Foreclosure and Notice of Default (NOD) leads
  • Any real estate lead source

In addition, the REDX Lead Manager includes a wide array of powerful lead management features that will make you more successful.

Personal organization and productivity tools, including:

  • Lead manager
  • Task lists, task delegation
  • Follow-up reminders and tools
  • Property and contact notes linked to listings, follow-up activities
  • Mail merge tools with sample letters
  • Dynamic call scripts for expired listing, "For-Sale-By-Owner," sign call, and other lead contacts
  • Summary and detailed property views with photos
  • Split screen
  • Automatic notification if any "For-Sale-By-Owner," expired listing, foreclosure, or other property lead gets sold or is listed in the MLS with any expired leads subscription.
  • More productivity enhancing features being added continuously!




Support Overview

REDX is committed to assisting every customer in becoming successful. REDX does this by providing our subscribers with the ability to access a full range of online training resources created to help customers maximize the benefit of it services. Also, the REDX is dedicated to keeping the REDX Lead Manager a simple to use product.

Dedicated Customer and Technical Support

At the REDX, support means much more than just answering questions. Customer Support will work with you on issues ranging from downloading the REDX Lead Manager, importing leads from your MLS, to training and ongoing technical support for the REDX Lead Manager.

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