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Posted on : June 26, 2009
Fannie, Freddie ordered to let former owners buy REOs at market value
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will soon be selling repossessed homes back to their previous owners for less than what they’d owed on their mortgage when they defaulted. The mortgage giants’ federal regulator this week ordered them to drop a ... ...»

Feds charge 16 with fraudulent flips of more than 2,000 Detroit homes
A telemarketing scheme that took in more than $20 million from hundreds of victims nationwide by flipping 2,000 homes purchased for as little as $500 each also contributed to neighborhood blight in Detroit, federal prosecutors said in announcing the indictment ... ...»

Will Cyber Monday expand to include home sales?
Last year's Cyber Monday sales numbered $2.29 billion, and this year, they could include real estate, too ... ...»

Portal that has its sights set on Zillow acquires Title365 for $36 million
In another step in its quest  to build an end-to-end real estate marketplace that will outdo top real estate portals Zillow, Trulia and, operator Solutionstar is set to acquire title insurance and settlement services provider Title365. The $36 ... ...»

ZipForm Plus users can pull contacts from 100s of Web apps
Users of zipForm Plus now have an easy way to tap data from more than 100 Web apps including Gmail, LinkedIn and Twitter thanks to a new partnership between zipForm maker zipLogix Inc. and Zapier. Zapier — which charges users $49 per ... ...»

If this drop in long-term interest rates has legs, look for mortgage rates to follow
Long-term interest rates have broken a narrow, monthlong range and are headed down. The 10-year Treasury note -- the driver of the show -- is now 2.23 percent. The lowest-fee mortgages are trying to cross below 4 percent, too. This is a big move, reinforcing a downtrend. November jobs data due next Friday may cancel the whole thing, but I doubt it. I think the move is real. ... ...»

Can technology replace a team?
Each year we look at ways to leverage our time and ability to market and sell more properties. A popular way to do this is through building a team. There's certainly nothing wrong with the team approach, and many are finding success from it. But when you create a team with multiple agents and assistants, what's the end result ... ...»

Remember, you are ‘The One’ to your buyers and sellers
As a real estate broker or agent, it’s your job to understand what your clients’ needs are, whether they are buying or selling a home. Leigh Brown, broker-owner of Leigh Brown and Associates with Re/Max Executive Realty, says to remember that ... ...»

Warren Hitesh Myer, online mortgage pioneer, dies at 53
I was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Warren Hitesh Myer. For those who never met him, Warren was one of the true pioneers of the online world of real estate ... ...»

Two suspects formally charged with murder in Beverly Carter case
Two people have been formally charged with murder in the death of Beverly Carter, the Arkansas Realtor whose body was found several days after she disappeared after showing a vacant home to a stranger, Arron Lewis, 33, has been formally charged with ... ...»

Counterpoint: Commoditization of IDX will spark a revolution
I recently read a post by Joel Burslem at 1000watt titled Putting IDX out to pasture. Joel suggests that the commoditization of IDX, along with real estate consumers' shift to mobile, has made property search websites obsolete for agents and brokers ... ...»

The reformers: Jonathan Aizen
Jonathan Aizen is the founder and CEO of Amitree Inc., the developer of Amitree, a tool to help homebuyers and their agents navigate the process of buying a home, organizing the dozens of tasks into an easy-to-understand checklist that is ... ...»

Do you dial, swipe or text? Laura Brady
Sometimes, you need to dial, swipe and text as an agent to be successful! Laura Brady talks about when she uses which tactic ... ...»

Hacker profile: Jonas Boli
Jonas Boli, the product and engineering manager at Zillow, answers some questions ... ...»

4 insights that ‘wow’ potential homebuying clients
Although it would certainly be memorable, impressing your potential homebuying clients doesn't have to include picking them up in a Bentley or giving them neighborhood tours via helicopter. You want your clients to think, "Wow, John was really being sincere when he advised us not to buy that expensive house because it needed more restoration than we were ready for." ... ...»

CoreLogic buys the technology that powers its MLS mobile app from DoApp
Real estate tech and data firm CoreLogic has acquired the technology behind its mobile multiple listing service app, GoMLS, from mobile tech company DoApp Inc. Terms of the deal, which closed on Oct. 31, were not disclosed. Seven of DoApp’s ... ...»

‘First Look’ window for Fannie, Freddie REOs could stay open longer
Two prominent Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee are pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s regulator to prolong the time period during which first-time homebuyers and other owner-occupants get a “First Look” at purchasing homes repossessed by the mortgage giants ... ...»

Indie brokers: How to rock at double-ending deals
Hometown Realty launched a muscular marketing campaign when it signed a $1.1 million listing last spring. The San Marcos, California-based brokerage produced a video celebrating the listing’s motocross track, pushed Facebook ads to users who liked motorcycles, and fired out promotional postcards to hundreds of homeowners and ... ...»