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Posted on : June 26, 2009
How to calculate customer acquisition cost
Emerging technology within the real estate market has made the tracking of marketing expenditures more feasible than ever. Brokers, agents and commercial developers can now readily generate leads from digital sources and track them through to the sale ... ...»

Baltimore redevelopment concentrated on one Little Italy block
Judging by its volume of potential projects, Baltimore appears to be a market prime for redevelopment. In the coming years, a group of redevelopment deals should be underway that feature small to large residential components, typically via the construction of mixed-use buildings. ... ...»

Valentine’s day edition of agent/broker perspective: working with spouse teams
In this monthly column, Anthony Askowitz will explore a hypothetical Miami real estate situation from both sides of the broker/agent dynamic. This month's situation: One of the firm's best agents plans to bring on their spouse as a partner. Agent ... ...»

Upstream and Broker Public Portal: What you need to know
Craig Cheatham, Dan Elsea and Cary Sylvester gave an overview of Upstream and Broker Public Portal on stage at Inman Connect New York, explaining what each is intended to do. You can watch them do it here ... ...»

Daily market update: Feb. 12, 2016
Mortgage rates plus all the latest real estate market news ... ...»

Property vacancy rates are dropping — good news or bad news?
U.S. residential property vacancy rates are on the decline, but this trend may not live up to its appearances, as noted in RealtyTrac's 2016 U.S. Residential Property Vacancy Analysis report for the first quarter ... ...»

Spencer Rascoff: ‘The days of the part-time agent are over’
Zillow Group's strategy of capturing the business (and advertising dollars) of top-producing agents seems to be paying off -- in a big way. In the company's fourth-quarter and overall 2015 earnings call, it revealed that its average monthly revenue per advertiser (ARPA) was $438. That's a big jump from $339 in 2014 -- a spike of 29 percent ... ...»

How to become a real estate agent
By the end of 2015, the housing market looked more robust than it had in years, which means more people are turning to a career in real estate. When you get your real estate license, you become responsible for one ... ...»

John Starwalt on virtual open houses
The Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate agent talks about the next big thing to revolutionize real estate, how video helps him be more efficient and finding and curing consumer pain ... ...»

Podcast: Are you pursuing your real estate goals or just dreaming? (part 2)
A dream without goals is worthless -- it's just a fantasy, like saving the rainforest or winning the lottery. It would be great if dreams just happened, but unfortunately that's not how it works ... ...»

Inman launches Agent War Room
Inman has launched a new Facebook group for real estate agents, both solo agents and members of agent teams. Inman's Agent War Room is a forum for advice and mentorship where agents can share best practices, help each other solve tricky problems, get tips on growing their business and become better agents ... ...»

Time to buy Canadian real estate, eh!
Remember back to 2008 when residents in Florida, Arizona and California were complaining about the influx of Canadians buying up properties in their markets as a result of the distressed value of American real estate? ... ...»

CFPB corrects TRID ‘typo’ regarding property-related costs
The CFPB today announced a correction to a portion of its TRID rule -- but it's probably not the sort of fix some real estate and settlement service industry professionals were hoping to see ... ...»

Are you ignoring online lead generation because ‘nothing beats a handshake?’
If you want to know what really gets my goat -- hang out in one of the plethora of real estate agent focused Facebook groups for a single hour and just observe. Watch the discussions between the "it's a relationship business" crowd and the "online lead generation" crowd ... ...»

ParcelQuest provides property data for single-family homes in Orange County
Accessors and real estate agents seeking property data for specific single-family homes in Orange County are now able to obtain this information via ParcelQuest. The Sacramento area-based property data provider recently announced its search products now include characteristics data for residential parcels in the OC. ... ...»

Luxury listing of the day: ‘Gingerbread House’ in Bay Ridge, NY
The aptly nicknamed "gingerbread house" in Bay Ridge, New York, is cute as a storybook tale, with artistic details throughout the property. It's listed for $10.999 million with Douglas Elliman -- and there will be an invitation-only open house this Sunday, Feb. ... ...»

Realogy and PHH move to dismiss RESPA class action lawsuit
The plaintiffs have asked the court to suspend the statute of limitations deadline by 10 years -- specifically, to Jan. 31, 2005, the date that Realogy and PHH entered into their Strategic Relationship Agreement ... ...»

Mortgage reform scholar Dr. Dwight Jaffee passes away
An expert on finance and real estate passed away at the end of January. Dr. Dwight M. Jaffee passed away on January 28 in San Francisco. He was just shy of reaching his 73rd birthday. Jaffee was the Willis Booth Professor of Banking, Finance, and Real Estate and Co-Chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley ... ...»