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Posted on : June 26, 2009
How your tech gear might be annoying your clients
High-tech gadgets are somewhat tantalizing, often to the point where you can't keep away. When you've got everything (literally) at the touch of a fingertip, how can you focus on the task in front of you ... ...»

Tech platform bridges gap between landlord and tenant to ease headaches all around
Renting an apartment is a common middle ground for those not interested in bumming in their parents' basement, but not quite ready for homeownership. But for a lot of renters, the attention they expect from landlords is lacking, and landlords are juggling a handful of tasks and requests at every moment ... ...»

Ellie Mae’s Encompass solution honored with innovation award
Mortgage industry software provider Ellie Mae announced May 28 that the San Francisco Business Times gave a Tech & Innovation Award to Encompass, a software suite that automates the mortgage process for more than 120,000 mortgage professionals and thousands of mortgage companies, including six of the 20 largest U.S. mortgage lenders ... ...»

Redfin’s wildfire expansion continues to blaze in 2015
Fueled by a December bounty of $70.9 million in venture capital dough, tech-focused brokerage Redfin is taking the nation by storm and becoming a national real estate portal powerhouse in the process ... ...»

Rent growth improves in struggling Northeast markets
A national survey that polled 61 of the top markets showed that average rent rose by 6.1 percent, to $1,136, from May 2014 to May 2015. Overall rents also grew by 2.3 percent spanning the last three months, prompting Yardi Matrix -- a multifamily data provider -- to predict that the market could exceed annual growth of 4.9 percent during ... ...»

What’s a marginal agent — and are you one?
I keep reading about marginal real estate agents, but I cannot find any actual definition or statistics. How many real estate agents are marginal? How would I define a marginal real estate agent ... ...»

Apartment Finder takes advantage of ‘Swift’ opportunity to launch app
The days of neighborhood scouting for apartments are long gone, and for many online search sites the sun is (hopefully) setting on Craigslist hunting. As one of the top-tier apartment rental search engines, Apartment Finder is taking only what seems to be the natural next step in mobile offerings: an iPad application ... ...»

It’s happened: Zillow now serving up 3-D models on listings
Prospective buyers who visit select listings on Zillow can now easily access online 3-D models that let them virtually explore properties without ever visiting them in person ... ...»

Vacation rental site expands to Middle Eastern cities
HomeAway announced Thursday that it made a $2 million minority investment in Turkey's largest vacation rental website, Flat4Day, also known as Hemenkiralik ... ...»

My new-agent quest: what makes an ideal real estate agent
As I sat through my most recent prelicense education course, I couldn't help but look around at all the different people taking the class. I believe I had a preconceived notion that most of the people taking this course would be in their 30s and 40s, dressed in business attire and carrying leather portfolios or briefcases. I couldn't have been more wrong ... ...»

3 tips for attracting real estate leads
The old saying "Nothing happens until somebody sells something" is so true in real estate. Until you sell your services to a buyer or seller, you have no potential for generating commission. Attracting real estate leads is the critical first step in reaching your sales goals ... ...»

Trent Gardner on the MLS and broker conundrum that keeps him up at night
The ListTrac co-founder talks about business as technology and the real estate conundrum that causes his sleepless nights ... ...»

A letter to my former self, the fledgling agent
You've entered the real estate industry with the world at your fingertips and a gleam in your eye. Your goal is to help everyone in your path achieve their American dream. What you will quickly realize is the job is going to be much harder than you expected it to be ... ...»

More than mobile, GoConnect is smart, common-sense productivity software
I think we've reached the point at which software developers can stop trying to sell agents on the benefits of mobile applications. More specifically, marketing teams can cease use of terms like "agents on the go" and "always connected." ... ...»

Chris Leavitt: ‘I wish I could replicate myself so I could do even more’
Chris Leavitt says the biggest barrier to success in the real estate industry is "incompetent people who don't understand the ins and outs of the industry. I work with what I'm given and try to make the best outcome out of every situation." ... ...»

Helpful hints for getting over rejection in real estate
Now let's qualify rejection. In real estate, it's not doors being slammed shut in agents' faces or screaming prospects on the phone -- but even something as simple as the word "no" can put a dark cloud on the rest of the day. ... ...»

Homebuying not the primary driver of tenant moves
A 5 percent increase in home values coupled with cyclically low homeownership rates -- 63.7 percent as of the first quarter -- equate to a multifamily sector where only 1 in 10 renters vacate a unit because of a home purchase ... ...»

Vacation rental apps battle for supremacy with city guides, property management enhancements
Airbnb and HomeAway are in a tight race to the top of the vacation rental industry, and they seem to be neck and neck. Both rental sites made recent announcements of shifts in their offerings, cutting slightly into the others' territory and showing that tense competition in home sharing is as evident as ever ... ...»