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Posted on : June 26, 2009
3 new ways to attract talent
Our new agents certainly appreciate our robust lead generation systems, desk space and training. But what sealed the deal for each of them might be unexpected. Here is what they said sealed the deal ... ...»

Luxury listing of the day: Upper West Side mansion
Got an extra $13 million to burn? Why not spend it on this lovely Upper West Side mansion at 337 West 87th Street, New York ... ...»

Opinion: Why consumer behavior will eliminate the part-time agent
Can part-time agents continue to compete in a market dominated by consumer demands for instant gratification, information and customer service ... ...»

Real Estate Ally is an easy, smart way to manage revenue goals
Real Estate Ally is one of the more simple and down-to-earth revenue management tools available to brokerages. This isn't enterprise software, and it won't take weeks of onboarding or cause you adoption headaches from hesitant agents. Simply start your account, set your goals and go sell property ... ...»

Mike Pappas: ‘We existed before franchises and believe our offering is more robust and comprehensive’
"My brother and I are the third-generation owners of a company that was founded in February 1926 at the peak of the first Florida real estate boom," says Pappas. "We are stewards of our proud past and have a focused vision for our future." ... ...»

The blogging strategy so effective you can’t afford not to use it: Part 2
Here it is, the blogging strategy so effective that you can't afford not to use it: Identify thought leaders in your market and mention them in your posts. Now that you know what a thought leader is and how to identify them from "The blogging strategy so effective you can't afford not to use it: Part 1," let's get to those six actionable items. ... ...»

Millennials may be entering market in force by 2018
It's no secret that homeownership is at a 30-year low, but a recent study suggests that might shift in the next few years. Apartment List surveyed 5,844 millennial renters throughout the nation on their plans for purchasing a home, and more than half say it's going to be after ... ...»

Mortgage defaults are up, but analysts aren’t concerned
Mortgage default rates are seeing a slight uptick despite recent improvements in housing starts, but this news should not be a major cause of concern, according to data released last week by S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and Experian ... ...»

Home prices up from May, especially in Northeast
When it came to top states and metros for home price gains in May, the Northeast and upper Mid-Atlantic dominated the list. While overall U.S. home prices were up 1.1 percent from April to May, eight states in the two regions saw month-to-month upticks of 1.5 percent to 1.8 percent. Amongst all U.S. states, New York led the way with an overall gain in home prices of 1.8 percent ... ...»

HUD rule aims to put the ‘fair’ back into Fair Housing Act
Despite four decades of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) working to promote fair housing and equal opportunity under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, patterns of racial, ethnic and economic segregation persist in many areas of the country -- but a new HUD regulation aims to change that ... ...»

How housing recovery is shifting the buy-or-rent balance
A recent RealtyTrac buy-or-rent analysis of 285 counties nationwide showed that in 2015 the monthly house payment on a three-bedroom single-family home or condo -- assuming a 10 percent down payment and including mortgage, property taxes and insurance -- was more affordable in 188 counties (66 percent) than the fair market rent for a three-bedroom property ... ...»

Use DiSC personality profiles to make money
DiSC profiles provide easy rule-of-thumb guidelines for the different personality types that you'll encounter when working with your colleagues and clients, and they'll help you tailor your communication with others to be more effective. ... ...»

How to strike balance between bragging and sharing
When overcome with success, it's natural to want to share with the world. But most people reserve their personal praises for fear of looking arrogant or conceited. While the line between being proud and being a showoff is quite thin, you shouldn't be so humble that your efforts go unrecognized ... ...»

Revo Property Pay launches mobile payment solutions for property managers
Having the ability to pay bills and manage transactions through multiple platforms is a necessity for many of us, so the increasing availability of mobile payment providers is helping to take the stress off individuals on either side of the transaction ... ...»

Sales-to-list-price ratio nears 99 percent
Data from a recent housing survey points to a market where a large percentage of homes are selling at or just below their asking prices. In June, the sales-to-list-price ratio for nondistressed properties was 98.5 percent, based on a three-month moving average ... ...»

‘Hot’ markets increase — except on East Coast and in rural areas
An analysis of the nation's top 200 markets shows the average months of remaining housing inventory (MRI) sits at 6.1. According to Pro Teck Valuation Services' Home Value Forecast, this figure represents a decrease of more than 12 percent from the same time last year ... ...»

Zillow + dotloop: Raising the bar or boiling your data?
Agents already have too many vendors to deal with. If Zillow can streamline services and bring more agents into the present with transaction management and e-signatures, it's good for the industry and consumer experiences. Big money backing a tool can drive down the costs on a per-user basis ... ...»

Down Payment Resource unveils ‘We turn home searchers into homeowners’ campaign
As the housing market heats up and more potential buyers learn about down payment assistance resources that can help them purchase their first homes, Down Payment Resource (DPR) has been busy partnering with multiple listing services, Realtor associations and mortgage lenders to better highlight these opportunities ... ...»