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Posted on : June 26, 2009
Brokerage promising to rain Internet leads on its agents
International brokerage eXp Realty has launched “Making It Rain,” a new marketing program to generate Internet leads for its 540 agents. Agents pay a minimum of $100 per month to join the program and in return eXp will market their branded ... ...»

Zillow’s drinking the Trulia Kool-Aid, gets feisty operator Move Inc. has been feisty out of the gate with its new rival Zillow Group Inc. Just a week after Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia closed, the two already have a new court date. On March 12 a judge will decide whether ... ...»

Inman announces daily real estate technology reviews — coming next week
How do you find the best software (or hardware) for your budget and work environment? Next week, Inman is launching a brand-new daily series of articles focused specifically on evaluating the technology you use in your real estate business ... ...»

Does staging add value to the home-selling process?
From Realtors to bloggers to HGTV, sellers hear about the need to get creative to attract prospective buyers to their homes. Another popular option is home staging, which involves arranging and decorating the home in a way that appeals to a wide range of buyers. But in my experience, this is a difficult task for most many homeowners ... ...»

5 places to find a stellar idea for your next real estate blog post
Writing content is for your real estate blog is great; everyone is doing it. What everyone is not doing (yet) is writing content that they know will interest people. Rather than coming up with a random idea and writing about it on your blog, you can use these essential resources to help you figure out what people want to read ... ...»

Zillow and Trulia say they’re still competitors
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Executives with Zillow and Trulia say they’ll continue to be competitors, even though the top two listing portals are now under the same roof. “Beating each other up, sharpening each other, for us that's going to be ... ...»

Startup lets you ‘shop without an agent’ … but there’s a twist
What, another real estate tech startup promising to help consumers buy homes without real estate agents? That’s what Open Listings’ branding might lead you to believe at first glance. Upon closer inspection, the company looks an awful lot like a discount brokerage — albeit a high-tech ... ...»

Indie broker F. Ron Smith on the wonders of Wunderlist
The Leverage Global Partners president talks about his favorite new app and the appropriate order for meditation and cocktails ... ...»

Sam DeBord: ‘If you try to leverage influence too much, you’ll diminish it’
"I don't attempt to unilaterally leverage my social network," says the Coldwell Banker Danforth broker, "but I am trying to build a network of individuals who would be willing to support me." ... ...»

Is Realogy’s portal an innovation or smoke bomb?
Now that Realogy's portal,, is live, one big question is up in the air: Is this new arrival on the market an innovation bomb ... or is it more of a smoke bomb, a temporary distraction that simply won't last? ... ...»

Motivate move-up buyers with home trade-ins
How can Realtors get sellers " and buyers " motivated? In Ohio, homebuilder Trinity Homes is turning to a page from the automotive industry to move inventory: home trade-ins. Columbus-based Trinity Homes, the largest homebuilder in central Ohio, has partnered with HER Realtors, the largest volume real estate brokerage in central Ohio, to promote the new home trade-in program ... ...»

‘What the hell does Zillow mean?’ Watch the video
"What the hell does Zillow mean?" News Corp. Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch famously said when asked at Real Estate Connect New York City whether "" remains relevant. Murdoch had a lot of other interesting things to say during his keynote speech and a sit-down with Brad Inman and Dolly Lenz ... ...»

Century 21 Canada launches program to coach its agents up
About 8,200 agents affiliated with Century 21 Real Estate in Canada have the opportunity to get coached up with a new five-week, cloud-based training program. The weekly course, which costs $99 and will run as a webinar for an hour each ... ...»

Realtors welcome FCC’s ‘net neutrality’ stance
The National Association of Realtors is welcoming FCC rules protecting “net neutrality,” saying that allowing “paid prioritization” of Internet traffic would have “created a two-tiered Internet and put Realtors and other small-business owners at a competitive disadvantage.” Realtors are increasingly ... ...»

Zillow ‘integrated’ into tonight’s episode of ‘Portlandia’
It may be the most popular real estate search portal in the land, but fans of the IFC comedy "Portlandia" will see characters played by indie rocker Carrie Brownstein and comedian Fred Armisen using Zillow to search for a home in tonight's episode for another reason: because the company paid to be "integrated" into the story ... ...»

Establish real estate authority through guest blogging
Guest blogging simply means publishing an article or blog post on someone else's blog, website, magazine or newspaper. If done correctly, guest blogging is an excellent way for real estate agents and brokers to generate lots of buyer and seller leads, and it's also a reliable tool for farming your niche ... ...»

How real estate agents will use ‘collaborative maps’ to help clients
Citymaps, a “social mapping platform,” has unveiled a feature that lets groups of people create “collaborative maps,” and announced $6 million in additional funding. The mobile app, which fancies itself as “Evernote meets maps,” lets users create collections of places, or personal maps, with searchable themes. People ... ...»

The tech tools real estate agents aren’t using (but should be)
Inman's recent special report, "How to deliver technology agents need," highlights one of the most common challenges faced by the real estate industry: Agents are not taking advantage of the technology that brokers offer to them. It is somewhat understandable. ... ...»