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Posted on : June 26, 2009
Hacker profile: Meghan Kilgore
Meghan Kilgore Lead data analyst at Redfin Time at Redfin: 2 years What she does: I use data to understand what improvements to Redfin's real estate service will drive increased customer satisfaction, and partner with Redfin's agents and engineers to ... ...»

Portal Watch (and more): Awakening the giant
Quote of the week (Well ... actually, quote of the decade): "Storm clouds are coming."Ě -- Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams. When? 2005, when he predicted the Great Recession and poised his feisty firm to truly compete with the big guys ... ...»

5 social media mistakes that real estate agents make
Think social media still isn't important to your marketing strategy? Think again. More than 93 percent of Americans are on Facebook (according to HubSpot), and 90 percent of homebuyers start their real estate searches online. ... ...»

The reformers: Douglas R. Miller
Douglas R. Miller is the executive director of CAARE (Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate), the only nonprofit public charity dedicated to consumerism with real estate brokers. Did you have causes when you were younger? What were they? Not really. ... ...»

Berkshire Hathaway brand rollout: Warren Buffett poised for global real estate expansion
Look around. All over the country, you may be seeing their for-sale signs: Berkshire Hathaway has arrived. It may have taken a while for him to get into franchising, but Warren Buffett is no newcomer to residential real estate. Berkshire ... ...»

FHA is back in the black, but don’t hold your breath for premium rollbacks
The Federal Housing Administration’s mutual mortgage insurance fund is unlikely to need another taxpayer bailout, but that doesn’t mean homebuyers looking to finance purchases with an FHA-backed home loan will get a break on their premiums anytime soon. To make ... ...»

Do you dial, swipe or text? Matt Murphy
Tech maven Matt Murphy says drone use by real estate brokerages will really take off when regulators provide more clarity on rules governing their use ... ...»

Google launches new ‚Äėmobile-friendly‚Äô website label
There are hundreds of factors that Google considers when they send their bots off to crawl your website. Google bots analyze and interpret web pages inside and out based on a combination of factors, also known as an algorithm, to see how relevant and helpful content will be for particular searches. ... ...»

Think the Fed is standing pat? Think again
Mortgage rates have been stable near 4 percent, held there by the 10-year T-note moving hardly at all in the last month, 2.31 percent-2.38 percent since Halloween. Such stability is most unusual, best understood as a market gathering tension for ... ...»

Samsung Ventures backs DocuSign
DocuSign, an e-signature and transaction management software provider, has detailed strategic¬†investments the company says will help it grow¬†its mobile reach¬†and expand into Spanish-speaking countries, Singapore and across Asia. The commitments come from¬†Samsung Ventures, BBVA Ventures and the investment arm of ... ...»

6 unique holiday gift ideas for clients
With the holidays fast approaching, it is crunch time when deciding what to send to your clients. Sure, you can send a traditional card, but does that really stand out among the 50 other cards they will receive from family, friends or other businesses? ... ...»

NAR‚Äôs got plenty of free ‚Äė.realtor‚Äô domains left to give away
The National Association of Realtors is ready to give away 500,000 free “.realtor” domains to members, and will host agents’ profile pages for them at no charge. But nearly a month after NAR opened up the .realtor domain rush, ... ...»

CRM and lead consolidation tool ‚Äėplay nice‚Äô together
Real estate agents get leads from ever more places online. Keeping track of those leads is not always easy. Real estate tech firm Tribus has come up with one way to tackle this problem: The firm has integrated its customer ... ...»

Do you dial, swipe or text? Madison Hildebrand
Madison Hildebrand of The Malibu Life Partners Trust talks about what it takes to be successful in real estate, and some unexpected ways in which technology can make your life easier ... ...»

IOS 8 and the Evernote widget
After making the move to the iPhone over a year ago, there was one thing I really missed: Widgets. I had a lot of widgets set up on my Android phone, and I used them all the time "Ē especially when using Evernote. ... ...»

Top entrepreneurs to speak at Real Estate Connect New York City Jan. 27-30
Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Urbanspoon CEO Keela Robison and Coca-Cola's David Butler top the list of serial entrepreneurs and business innovators set to take the stage during Real Estate Connect New York City 2015 Jan. 27-30 at the Marriott Marquis. ... ...»

A first glimpse at how News Corp. will expand’s reach
Media giant News Corp., which just closed its acquisition of operator Move¬†Inc.¬†last week, is already¬†tying the home search portal to several of its publications. The Wall Street Journal now features a widget in the right column of its online ... ...»

Oculus Rift could change the future of home sales
I saw Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff playing with some Oculus Rift goggles a few weeks ago. It reminded me what the future might look like. Imagine an Amazon for your home, if you will. Right now, people who buy a home spend money after the purchase by showing up at their local Home Depot or Ikea. ... ...»