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Posted on : June 26, 2009
Attract millennial homebuyers with a ‘unique’ open house
Let's be honest with each other: Many 30-somethings don't need buyer's agents in the same way they did 10 years ago. They'll already have in mind the places they want to see, the amenities they like and the area where they're drawn to live ... ...»

10 free places to promote your real estate content
Writing content for your blog is just the first step in driving traffic and leads to your real estate website. Without great content promotion, you could be writing for no reason. ... ...»

How real estate agents can get unlimited direct mail advertising for free (Part 1)
I discovered the single greatest advertising method for significantly increasing your exposure while greatly reducing your advertising budget " or even pay nothing at all. This is the story of how I made the discovery ... ...»

Zillow Group says it’s ready for life after ListHub
After roping in direct feed deals with 79 multiple listing services in the last two months, including the 16 it's announcing today, Zillow Group Inc. claims that life after ListHub will be better than ever ... ...»

MailChimp competitor offers email marketing templates tailored for real estate
Look out MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and REmessenger: Responsive email marketing software provider Mailify, which just brought a platform that’s already popular in Europe to the U.S., is now offering a set of real estate-specific email marketing templates. Mailify says ... ...»

I listed a home as a Presidents Day special sale — what happened next?
Find out the results of a "special sale" model when applied to selling homes. ... ...»

Proposed bill would place Fannie, Freddie funds in escrow
Aiming to protect taxpayers against loss in the event of a housing market downturn, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., yesterday introduced legislation that would establish a secondary reserve fund for government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If passed, revenues from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be placed in escrow until Congress can reach a resolution on GSE reform ... ...»

Ryan Serhant on the transition from ‘As the World Turns’ to ‘Million Dollar Listing’
Ryan Serhant, an agent with New York's Nest Seekers, moved to the Big Apple to take a part in "As the World Turns" in 2007. After the show killed off his character, Serhant needed a new career, and real estate was waiting for him ... ...»

How to benefit in real estate by not selling houses
I have a friend. Let's call him Jack. We are still friends because I declined his invitation to sell list his home " a property type I sell regularly, on a very busy thoroughfare that would have afforded me great sign exposure ... ...»

‘My listing, my lead’ philosophy is a disservice to real estate consumers
Let's place you in the same kind of situation that the underrepresented buyer and seller are in. A past client decides to sue you for $2 million in damages -- and their attorney offers to also take your side of the case. Do you feel confident in getting the best counsel possible ... ...»

Homebuyers crave title insurance information early in purchasing process — but who will provide it?
It's no secret that consumers are confused about title insurance and its value, but the American Land Title Association (ALTA) is equally concerned about the misconceptions that real estate partners have about its industry and its place in the closing process ... ...»

2015 is the year consumers will stay put and renovate, survey says
Fewer Americans plan to move this year compared to last year, but a larger share will conduct home improvement projects, according to a survey commissioned by American Express ... ...»

Would being caught on camera change how you conduct your real estate business?
"Big Brother" is no longer just a television show on CBS where we, the viewers, are playing the peeping Tom. No, Big Brother has crept into the real estate industry, and we are the objects of affection, or is that the objects of suspicion? Do we deserve to be under scrutiny? When you violate trust -- yes. ... ...»

Rob Eisenbach on new 3-D, ‘dollhouse’ and floor plan functionality
The Matterport vice president of marketing talks about using Oculus Rift and other technologies to give potential homeowners a better view of their future properties ... ...»

Zillow’s new Agent Finder misses the mark for consumers
Agent Finder has missed the mark rather drastically. In the past, a consumer using the Zillow Agent directory would have seen all agent reviews and sales over the past 12 months by each agent ... ...»

HomeZada is a powerful tool for homeowners — and may help agents, too
Most real estate agents would prefer to work with sellers over buyers. Still, buyers do stand a chance of becoming sellers. So sometimes it's worth keeping in touch. HomeZada aims to help you do that while helping homeowners do everything else ... ...»

Todd Carpenter: ‘Anything that’s happening in the real estate industry will show up on Twitter’
The managing director of data analytics at the National Association of Realtors says that Twitter is "where I share the most, and more importantly, it's where I listen to the industry the most ... You just have to know who to listen to." ... ...»

A Steve Jobs quote explains how beacons could revolutionize real estate marketing
"You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology," Steve Jobs said in 1997. We are going to take the advice of the late Mr. Jobs for this article, and before we talk about the groundbreaking micro-location technology called beacons, let's focus on something far more important -- the customer. ... ...»